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Corporate Services and Team Building



Rhythm is a tool that activates both halves of the brain -- and you can use this tool to transform your employees into a cohesive team! Instead of talking at people and telling them how to be a team, Rhythm Trek staff facilitate your employees through a series of activities so they experience the benefits of teamwork. Rhythm Trek offers Team Building Programs, Leadership Programs, and shorter programs for conferences, ice breakers or meetings. We customize our content to fit your needs, so contact us today about how we can add value to your next event!



















TeamTrek team building programs
Uniting in rhythm and music is a direct and meaningful way to practice team building skills.
Rhythm Trek staff lead activities using a variety of percussion instruments and drums, interspersed with periods of reflection to share learnings and insights.

These experiences:
• Enhance communication
• Create trusting relationships
• Stimulate creativity
• Inspire deeper listening
• Improve morale

• Increase profits

Reduce stress





Testimonial: BAYS Florida

"We at BAYS Florida could not be more pleased with Rhythm Trek and Jessica! As an agency that works closely with kids and families, our staff experiences a lot of stress about the work thay they do. The druming engaged everyone, from our people who are more reserved to those outgoing and excited staffers. To be honest, a lot of people were hesitant at first, but as soon as the drums started going, everyone dropped their guard and incredible teambuilding happened. This large group activity brough an agency that is spread throughout the state together as one entity. Jessica was able to relate the drumming to the work we do an provided a group of people in high-stress jobs to let loose and have some fun! I would recommend Rhythm Trek and Jessica to anyone in any work environment. It was the ultimate teambuilding experience!"

Amanda Boser, agency trainer

Bay Area Youth Services Florida




The Rhythm of Leadership
At Rhythm Trek, we believe that life is better

when we communicate, cooperate, celebrate

and create together -- and so we use rhythm

and drums to inspire and compassionately

provoke people into raising their own bar,

move what's stuck into action, and live in

their personal anda professional greatness.

We accomplish that through our Rhythm

of Leadership program. Though the program

takes just an hour or two, the benefits last

for years. Guaranteed to powerfully connect

your employees, this unique interactive

leadership program is a hit!







In this video, participants at

a conference develop their

communication skills by

playing a game that

encourages them to listen

to each other while leaving

space for others on their

team to contribute.







Shorter Programs: Ice Breakers, Openings and Closings
Rhythm Trek can provide fun and energizing shorter programs during your conference or meeting to create sharper focus and renewed energy. We guide participants in simple rhythm activities  that stimulate joy, connection, enthusiasm and emphasis on your theme. Great fun at company picnics, too!



"We have now returned to the UK after another successful trip. I would

like to personally thank you for a fantastic night. The introduction of

Rhythm Trek proved to be a great success and allowed the participants to

take control of musical situations, this in turn gave them the confidence

to express themselves and lead the group. Both the children and the

adults found the evening to be both fun and educational. Once again

thank you for a great night and we hope to see you next year!"

Jason Beamish-Knight

Entertainment Team




"You did an absolutely fantastic job entertaining the Aktion Clubbers,

great personality and great performer. Especially liked you having

the Aktion Club members being engaged in leading the music,

great idea and great job! You were a huge hit, everyone was coming

up to me, telling me how much fun they had and they loved you.

Thank you again so much for a great job and hope to see you next


Rob Crowder

Conference organizer

Kiwanis Aktion Club, FL



Workplace Wellness: HealthRHYTHMS

HealthRHYTHMS is being used in workplace wellness programs across the country to reduce turnover, improve morale and result in greater ROI. The best way to improve each experience for your customers is to improve the quality of life for your employees.

"Amid soaring health spending, there is growing interest in workplace disease prevention and wellness programs to improve health and lower costs. In a critical meta-analysis of the literature on costs and savings associated with such programs, researchers found that medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent. This return on investment suggests that the wider adoption of such programs could prove beneficial for budgets and productivity as well as health outcomes."

Call 863-585-5595 to find out how HealthRHYTHMS can save you money!

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