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Drumming for Wellness explains the health benefits of

drumming and teaches participants how to use drumming

to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and

promote relaxation, meditation and wellness. 


The health benefits of drumming have been well

documented in numerous scientific studies; additionally,

drumming can be used to achieve a meditative state.

When we combine these elements, we are able to use

rhythm as a powerful force to affect positive change.


Drumming for Wellness classes last one hour, and during that time

we learn how to play the drums using proper technique, then work together to

build rhythm jams. Instead of telling people what to play, I encourage them

to listen to what I am playing, then tune in to their body's wisdom and listen

for their unique heartsong, then put their heartsong onto the drum. The music

becomes a living metaphor for the balance we seek daily in our lives.

Participants also engage in breathing exercises, blend that with the drumming, and

discuss how the drum has been used for wellness in cultures throughout the world.


Rhythm Trek can bring Drumming for Wellness to your school,

yoga studio or executive office. We provide drums and percussion

for every participant; you simply need to provide chairs and space.








DRUMBEAT is an evidence-based, award-winning therapeutic intervention program developed by Holyoake in 2003. The program uses hand drumming to address a range of recognized risk factors associated with unhealthy lifestyles. This 10-week program builds resilience by increasing protective factors such as self-esteem, social connection, social skills and emotional control.


DRUMBEAT is facilitated in schools, children's hospitals, youth services, mental health services, refugee trauma services, child trauma services, prisons, youth justice and child protection centers. The program targets both young people (from 10 years of age) and adults who are resistant to talk-based therapies. The program is designed for small groups with a maximum of 10 participants plus 2 facilitators.


Six peer-reviewed journal studies, along with many other evaluations, are available at


Jessica Fredricks of Rhythm Trek LLC is a certified DRUMBEAT facilitator. Call 863-585-5595 to speak with her about how DRUMBEAT can be of assistance.




HealthRHYTHMS® is an evidence-based Recreational Music-Making program that leverages the benefits of group empowerment drumming as a life enhancement tool. HealthRHYTHMS®’s group drumming protocol is being utilized as a cost-effective strategy for; inspiring successful living; offering exceptional support and personal expression; by giving people permission to play and has been scientifically shown to boost the immune system, improve mood, and reduce stress and burnout.

HealthRHYTHMS® may be used to create a health promoting environment, empower people to move beyond their perceived limits, bring to surface what is difficult to express in words alone, draw people together, and enhance communication and morale.

  • Stress Reduction

  • Excercise

  • Self-Expression

  • Support

  • Nurturing

  • Spirituality

  • Music

Participating in HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming provides an extraordinary opportunity to discover your personal rhythm and enhance the overall quality of your life. Additional information about the research that supports HealthRHYTHMS® is available at the Remo website.




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