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Rhythm of Champions sports teambuilding

Rhythm of Champions is a sports teambuilding program customized to help your players connect beyond games and practices.


Testimonial: Warner University women's soccer team

"Rhythm Trek is an excellent way to bring diverse personalities together to intertwine strengths in an effort to elevate the team. Team unity is a priority in a collegiate athletics program as seniors graduate, paving the way for incoming freshmen.

Because of the constant cycle on the team, I am constantly thinking of ways to create cohesiveness amongst the student-athletes.

As soon as I spoke with Jessica Fredricks and learned about her Rhythm of Champions Sports TeamBuilding Program, I knew that our team would enjoy. The passion that Jessica has to improve others is incredible. Our ladies were put in situations which forced them out of their comfort zone. Whether you are looking to use Rhythm Trek as an icebreaker or as a team builder, this is a fun and challenging way to bring a team together. From the smiles and laughter on the players' face as we jammed alongside Jessica and her infectious personality and rhythms, to the tears and vulnerability that our ladies shared while opening up to each other and incorporating team values, I would highly recommend RhythmTrek for any group of people who would like to improve in various aspects of team and individual goals. Thank you Jessica!"


Coach George Arroyo Jr.

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Warner University

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