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Who is Behind Rhythm Trek?


A talented and accomplished professional educator,

Jessica Fredricks is a seven-time winner of the Disney

Teacheriffic Award, was named to USA Today’s 2nd 

All-Teacher Team, and was the recipient of the National

Leaders in Learning Award from Cable in the Classroom. 


Over her 16-year teaching career, she has performed on

a variety of percussion instruments, including bongos,

conga, drumset, djembe and a plethora of handheld

percussion. Additionally, she also performs on guitar,

ukulele, recorder and keyboard.


Jessica began facilitating rhythm-based events in 2010. Her mission is to help people learn how to harness the power of rhythm to improve their lives.


Jessica has presented workshops and keynote presentations at the following conferences:


STEMtech conference, Kansas City, MO

Children’s Engineering Conference, VA  “Creating Connections”

World Rhythm Festival, Seattle, WA    “Drum Circles = Engineering!”

Environmental Educators of NC Conference, NC    “Rhythm is Everywhere”

Educational Strategies and Student Engagement Conference, FL  “The Power of Rhythm” - Professional Development teacher training, “STEAM After Dark”, FL    “Creating Connections with Rhythm”

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference, SC "Engineering = Rhythmic Design Process"

Starting Out Right Conference for 300 pre-K educators from Polk County, FL  "Activate with Rhythm!"

Student Success Summit, Orlando, FL   "Play Well With Others"

Florida Association on Educating Young Children, FL  "Move, Engage, Listen, Learn!"

Florida Music Educators Association Conference

         "The Power of Rhythm: team building techniques for every ensemble"

         "STEAM it up: STEM in your Music Room"

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference, SC "STEM and the Art of Drum Circle Facilitation"

Florida Head Start Association Conference, FL "Activate with Rhythm!"

Florida Alliance for Arts Education Leadership Summit, FL "The Rhythm of Leadership"

Region IV Head Start Association Conference, GA "The Rhythm of Leadership"

Educational Strategies & Student Engagement Institute, FL "STEAM-Powered!"

All About Girls Summit (PACE) "The Rhythm of Leadership"

Florida Music Educators Association Conference "STEAM: Activate with Rhythm"

Region IV Head Start Association Conference, GA "STEM: Activate with Rhythm"

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference, SC "DrumBEAT: A Closer Look"

Florida Alliance for Arts Education summit, FL "The Rhythm of Leadership"


Jessica brings her passion and gratitude for the transformative power of rhythm every time she plays or facilitates a rhythm-based event. She believes that everyone deserves recognition, a philosophy epitomized in the rhythm facilitation format, where each and every voice is equally valuable.


Jessica is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild,

the Percussive Arts Society,

the Florida Music Educators Association and

the National Association for Music Education.


She is a certified DRUMBEAT facilitator, serves as the trainer for DRUMBEAT USA and is trained in the HealthRHYTHMS therapeutic drumming protocol.

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