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Play Well With Others:
Teacher Activity Guide           $34


This innovative team building and leadership program uses rhythm and drums to engage students in peace building. Peace building is the positive take on anti-bullying; instead of telling students what not to do, it gives them strategies they can implement to be proactive in preventing or defusing bullying. Part of this is building community -- as social media and technology become more prevalent, students are experiencing greater and greater disconnect from one another. This program teaches them to see each other, observe the differences between themselves and value those differences. 

Instead of talking about what to do in specific situations, students use drums and rhythm to engage in those situations and then reflect both in whole-group discussions and in writing. The drums are fun, and because the program uses rhythm, students are more open to reflection. 

This 74-page book includes Leadership Lessons focusing on Respect, Beauty, Trust, Compassion, Responsibility, Perseverance, Hope, and Attitude, along with six STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lessons and also links to national standards.


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Play Well With Others:
Student Reflection Journal     $10


Part of the Play Well With Others program involves the use of written reflections to help students develop maturity and self-awareness. The Student Reflection Journal is a 54-page 8.5x11 book that includes reflection questions along with quotes from diverse individuals such as leadership expert John Maxwell, recording artists Usher, Jay-Z and Beyonce, celebrated poet and author Maya Angelou, his holiness the Dalai Lama and basketball great Michael Jordan. 

Intended to be used in conjunction with the Play Well With Others Teacher Activity guide, the thought-provoking quotes in this journal will encourage reflection and discussion in your students for months. 



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Activate with Rhythm!             $25



Rhythm engages both halves of the brain, so when teachers incorporate rhythm into their lessons, their students learn information faster and retain it longer. 

This book provides teachers with 25 structures and strategies (which can take from 1 minute to 20 minutes, depending on the teacher's needs) that can be adapted to any age level and subject -- regardless of whether or not you as a teacher have any musical experience. 

Do you have students who:

--struggle to sit still?

--tap on their desks with their pencils?

--don't pay attention to you?

Learn how to take that wiggling and tapping energy and channel it into enthusiasm for learning!

Movement anchors learning in the body -- and when you combine rhythm with movement you have a powerful learning tool! 

This 78-page book includes explanations of how the games, activities and structures presented in the book are actually teaching:

--algebraic thinking skills

--reading readiness

--higher-order science

--engineering skills

Rhythm Trek LLC also provides teacher trainings on the Activate with Rhythm process. Here's what some of the 300 pre-K professionals from Polk County Schools in Florida had this to say about their one-hour "Activate with Rhythm!" training:


"The only thing that would have made this better is if we had more time! What an amazing experience!!"      -- Monique


"Absolutely incredible! I can use all these activities in my classroom next week! Thank you for sharing!"       -- Karen


"My favorite activity was 'Tiptoe Feet'. Can't wait to use it with my students. Thanks for showing us something simple yet powerful."  -- Patti


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